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Yey!!! Outer science PV!!! XDDD err, can Someone tell me why my video...turn into twice play? I really do one upload anyway...oh, for better I put one again : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3Wg2OgJgSQ0 I will make a karaoke romaji, sometime...or...if I can have a vacation.......#a teacher are cruel you know QAQ I know its not good subtitle, but I have tried, oh yeah, do someone know a good software convert subtitle with video? I am using Format Factory but It seemed can't convert sub with Chiller text, it's make me feel ill ==" anyway Enjoy!

" The story of the eyes saying as much as the mouth. " —Jin's Song Introduction

name : アウターサイエンス/Autāsaiensu/Outer Science music by

Jin/Shizen no Teki-P

Movie by :


Translated : http://polarisunique.tumblr.com/post/51682064557/kagerou-project-outer-science-lyrics (first, I search in kagepro wiki but there was a wrong romaji lyrics, so I searched another._. I hope wiki know it) Character :


Konoha(Kuroha) Cameo: Kido Tsubomi Seto Kousuke Kano Shuuya Momo Kisaragi Ene Shintaro Kisaragi Hibiya Amamiya Kenjirou Tateyama Azami Sung by : IA (Vocaloid 3) album : Mekakucity Record

Jin's Comment:

"This story isn't fictional. And that's why all of your 'tragedies' Are so stupid that it makes me yawn." Just like how when children are told by adults, "That's so immature," There are times when people are looked down on from above.

Even if children view it as something grand and magnificent, To the adults, it seems lacking and worthless.

However, imagine that there is an existence that looks down at those adults in the same way.

This is the song of a monster that overlooks everything. People's lives, hearts, meetings, memories, deaths—

He looks down on it all, as if they are "stupid" events in a book. What if that existence started influencing someone's everyday life to merely kill time?

Please enjoy this helplessly unfolding tragedy.(Mekakucity Records Booklet)

source : Kagerouproject.wikia.com

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